Advanced Open Water Certification Course

Advanced Open Water Certification Course – If you’ve already completed the Open Water Certification Course, you can hone your diving skills and take them to the next level by by completing the Advanced Certification course. All you have to do is complete a total of five adventure dives under the supervision of an instructor.

  • Minimum age requirement: 15 years of age
  • Time Needed to Complete Course: Minimum 2 days

If you would like to do the classroom portion of the Advanced Open Water course on line via e-Learning Click Here.  This option will not reduce the price of taking the course in Costa Rica, but it will save you precious vacation time.

Course Requirements

  • Completion of knowledge reviews for the five dives you will complete.
  • Five training dives conducted under the direct supervision of a PADI certified instructor. The five dives must consist of two cores dives (Deep & Navigation) and three other adventure dives of your choice.

Choose from the following available specialty courses:

  • Underwater Navigator– (Required) One of the most vital techniques an avid diver should conquer. The skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures and techniques used in everyday diving are explained and learned in a hands on safe and supervised introduction to navigating the underwater world.
  • Deep diving- (Required) to help you plan, organize and make no-decompression dives from 60-130 feet, overall, expanding your available dive territory.
  • Underwater Naturalist- The submarine world is different from the terrestrial world. Those who venture underwater are in a unique position to observe and interact with the organisms entirely different than those on land. This course is designed to create awareness while provoking responsibility and expanding knowledge of the aquatic environment.
  • Equipment Specialist- The purpose of this course is to familiarize divers with the operation and maintenance of diving equipment. Training is relevant to the repairing and overhauling of equipment. Time is equally divided between academic and practical sessions.
  • Peak performance buoyancy- Assists all divers in polishing their buoyancy control abilities through knowledge development and skills practice.
  • Night diver- Familiarizes divers with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, hazards, and of course, enjoyment of diving at night. See critters you never see when diving during daylight hours – find out what goes bump in the night! (Additional charges)
  • Underwater Photography- The practical knowledge of photographic principles, composition, film types and strobes are explained. Meanwhile the student learns preparation, care and maintenance of photographic equipment. The end product allows you to take underwater photographs that are properly composed, focused and exposed! (Additional charges)
  • Wreck Diver- This course not only raises ones awareness of the historical value of wrecks, and the social and legal issues surrounding that value, but also enables you to plan and organize dives to safely explore wrecks.
  • Drift Diver – Using appropriate techniques you will learn how to safely plan, prepare and initiate drift dives. A vital skill for the local region as well as in many countries around the world.
  • Boat Diver- The focus of this course is to develop the student’s knowledge of dive boats. Proper boat diving etiquette, personal conduct, basic dive terminology, local boat diving laws and/or ordinances.
  • Multilevel- This course helps develop your knowledge of theories behind dive tables, dive computers and multilevel diving. You will learn how to plan, organize and make safe multilevel no-decompression dives with The Wheel and/or modern dive computers. You will also learn the most state-of-the-art recommendations for flying after diving, modified decompression and the S.A.F.E. diver program.

All equipment and course materials (unless noted above) are included.

Any of the above adventure dives can be expanded into full SPECIALTY CERTIFICATIONS as well, with any of the correlating dives completed in your advanced course gaining credit toward the required training dives for each particular specialty. The course descriptions are the same as above.


You will be required to fill out and sign the Medical Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Forms prior to participation. Click Here. 

In addition, if there is any medical condition which would preclude you from diving, you would need your doctor’s signature on the Medical Release Form (signature valid for 12 months).

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Advanced Open Water Certification Course

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